Dark Stars

I wrote some drabbles1 which were published along with many other amazing ones in the Dark Stars anthology[↗].

Dark Stars: Sci-fi Horror Drabbles

Curse of the Moon

Dear remaining, we found more helium-3. The regolith, the ashy dust, covers the entire great valley near the base. But the sunlight is unbearable. Dozens have already succumbed to the degradation of their bone marrow. Their corpses litter the plain.

You promised us opportunity with a beautiful view of our old home, but your diminishing supply shipments reveal your barbaric intentions. Seeing the cargo depart towards the rising blue marble over and over, no life support systems on board. It never stops to hurt.

Once the irradiated wasteland has taken us, our spirits shall return to drag you to hell.


“Oxygen at ten percent. Four light-years to Zephyros5.”

Holding my breath. Clutching the wrench. Flooded by scarlet light, eyes swollen, madness claws at me. “You can’t leave her just because you can’t have her?” Thumbs close around my throat. I feel nothing. He’d rather die together as three friends than for us two to live.

The iron cracks its temple and spills out a pool of scarlet A strained turn of the valve reignites the engine with a brunt. I drift asleep like a spacewalker drifts through the void. Untethered. Awaiting embrace.

“Oxygen at five percent. Two light-years to Zephyros5.”

  1. A drabble is a very short story of exactly 100 words. ↩︎